If some of your target products are not in JH webstore, JH team will source for you from China local market


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JH Stones&Beads

JH Stones&Beads was established in 2016 (headquartered in Shenzhen, China) specialized in natural stone products procurement and export.

We provide one-stop China sourcing solutions which include stock sell, product sourcing, supplier selecting, customization service, factory audit, order follow-up, quality control, free warehousing, logistic support and more 
Whether you are physical store owners, e-commerce sellers (sellers on Amazon/ eBay/ Shopify/ Woo Commerce), wholesalers, or retailers, etc.
JH offer solutions for all types of your business

In the past 12 years, we have helped over 500 customers from 60 countries purchasing and sourcing from China.
Our team members perform their duties responsibly, take customers' demand seriously,
source the products that match customers' requirements mostly with the warmest service.

JH have rich experience to help customers find high-quality products, enrich their product categories and solve problems during cooperation.
JH Stones&Beads is not only your business partner, but also your eyes and ears in China!
Start your business with JH Stones&Beads now!


Trustworthy, Professional, Problem-Solving, Customer Priority


JH Team are committed to bringing China's high-quality goods, efficient supply chain and top class service to our customers

Our Concept of Service

1. Our value lies in helping customers to improve efficiency
2. Happy Customer is the goal of our efforts
3. Beyond customers' satisfaction, long-term cooperation is the ultimate goal of our service
4. Success of customers will inevitably lead us to success
5. We are continually inspired by our customers, and grow together by win-win cooperation


That's our story so far
JH team will work every step to let our clients feel happy, secure, and satisfied


The number of JH team members exceeds 100 We will improve our service and better serve customers


The number of JH sales/sourcing team exceed 20 in Chengdu Office


In Yiwu city, we have our own warehouse with over 2000+ kinds of stock


Near Shenzhen International Airport, we set up our own packaging warehouse to meet customers' packaging requests


Frank Dang(Ms. Matt Teng‘s husband) joined the JH team. With 8-year working experience in ZTE Corporation, he is responsible for managing JH warehouse and the supply chain


Ms. Matt Teng started her own company, using her knowledge and experience to serve more customers all over the world


Mr. Octavio (a very nice friend and customer from Brazil) entrusted Ms. Matt Teng to work as his agent in Shenzhen taking charge of all his requests, purchases, orders, products and shipments (This is the seed of JH Stones&Beads)


Ms. Matt Teng moved to Shenzhen and worked in International sales after graduation

JH Warehouse/Packing House

500㎡ warehouse in Yiwu Market

1500㎡ packing house near International Airport

More than 2000 kinds of stock

Update 100 new items every month

Co-build VIP customers' own warehouse

Welcome to visit our warehouse 24/7

Welcome to share your business ideas with us

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