If some of your target products are not in JH webstore, JH team will source for you from China local market


(Postage not included)

JH company has one 1500-square-meter self-owned packing house near Shenzhen Airport with full-time workers, we completely prepared and experienced to provide you with the finest option that meets your budget and timeline.

Tell us about your shipping requirements, and we’ll create the best delivery plan as well as the greatest logistical service experience for you.



Special Packing

Competitive Prices

Flexible Shipping

Professional Service

VIP Service


JH Customers always needs to connect to multiple suppliers for enriching their product profile

With our free warehousing service, you can centralize your multiple orders to our warehouse for unified delivery

It’s an ideal way to reduce the logistics cost for e-commerce businesses.

Our free storage allows you to be more flexible on shipping

We can load more than 10 containers in the same day


We have one competent, youthful, and active shipping coordination team for your packages

We can consolidate the goods from multiple suppliers in our warehouse from all around China

If the packaging is occasionally worn or in poor condition when the goods are in the warehouse.

we will repack it or upgrade the packaging according to your requirements.

You don’t have to be concerned about product quality before shipment.

since we can assist you with product quality inspection to ensure a smooth delivery.

Special Packing

Satisfy customers’ special loading requirements, such as pallet loading.

You may purchase various products from different suppliers.

We can help you kit and assemble the related products and accessories into one set

Our team will help you repackage your products if you don’t like factory standard packagings

We can add labels and label warning sticker for your packages

Competitive Prices

JH promise no hidden costs or commission on shipping charge

We can get bigger discounts from express companies

because we ship in large volumes on a daily basis, which will help save your shipping cost.

We are very familiar with the discount of freight by KG

When the freight of 20kg is cheaper than 18kg, we will put some free breadboards or jumpwires in your package to save money for you

Flexible Shipping

Make freight transportation management faster,simpler,and more cost efficient

Aliexpress Standard Shipping (for goods below 2kg)

International Courier: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT and more (goods below 500kg)

Airport-to-airport/Port-to-port by Air/Train/Sea (goods over 100kg)

Professional Service

JH team can prepare any Shipping Document you require

We track the order and follow up the shipment to guarantee the products are delivered on time

We can ship dangerous goods such as batteries, liquids, or powders through our cooperative shipping channels.

For any lost parcel, we can help you get compensation for shipping fee and product cost.

For uncontrollable shipping delay, we will actively provide freight discounts for our customers

VIP Service

Provide exclusive VIP customer warehouse area

With shelves and clearly labeled storage in our warehouses

You can monitor and track your inventory in real-time, no matter where you are.
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